To Whom It May Concern:

This serves as an interim letter of reference for Andreas Albers, who has been employed at [name of company] since [date]. As Product Manager he is responsible for our online billing software application [name of product] which allows businesses to present invoices to their customers online.

Andreas constantly evaluates the success of all aspects of the product, including its market potential, and creates new product ideas on the basis of customer feedback and market research. He supports product marketing as well as product sales and distribution, particularly by planning the marketing and media mix, developing price strategies and preparing market and competition analyses. Andreas also works closely with product development and materials management to implement new features and to maintain the competivity of the product. He initiates cooperation with strategic partners from the areas of development, sales and communication, participates in national and international trade fairs, and develops product trainings.

Andreas passionately advocates the product’s success, its strong position in the market and its long-term technical viability. After assuming his position, he quickly proved that he possesses solid expertise and extensive experience with billing and accounting systems. Within a year, he had already made three proposals for new features which were approved and have since become valuable additions to the product. Andreas also provides essential support to marketing and sales management by continuously creating and maintaining analysis materials, and cooperates very well with customers, business partners and agencies alike. He works efficiently and systematically, demonstrates commitment with regard to all his areas of responsibility and consistently achieves superb results. As a proactive team player, Andreas is a tremendous asset to our team and brings a great deal of enthusiasm to his work.

This letter has been written for Andreas Albers upon his request. We highly value his contributions and look forward to continue working with him in the future.



Manfred Kasch

Product Development Director


Asya Ergün

HR Director

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