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“Controlling International” once again features reports from around the world to illustrate the dynamic development of the European controlling community, for which the ICV provides a networking and knowledge transfer platform. The success of this international interaction is evident in the IGC work results presented here, and the reports of international ICV meetings: from Barcelona via Belgrade (Serbia), Portoroz (Slovenia) and Poznan (Poland) all the way to Zagreb (Croatia).

Die Themen in dieser Ausgabe:

  • ICV and IGC: New Controller’s Mission Statement
  • Controller Akademie: International controlling community for an ever more global world
  • Dream Car report: Having projection on boom and crisis – to design controlling to withstand volatility!
  • Poland: 7th International Controller Congress
  • Growing demands on the profession of controllers
  • Russia: More than 800 big projects & 5.000 single steps
  • Serbia: Controlling is ... a behavioural change !
  • Croatia: Lifecycle status: stage of growth
  • Slovenia: Five years of the International Controller Association in Slovenia
  • Spain: The Spanish working group of the ICV
  • Hungary: Same challenges everywhere
  • Working groups in Europe

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