To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to comment on the performance of Markus Merten, as he is leaving our company to complete his university studies.

[name of company], headquartered in [city], coordinates the international marketing and sales activities for the [name of company] Group, which is Europe’s largest provider of [product] with 450 employees in seven European countries.

Markus has worked as my personal assistant since November 2018 and has excelled in a number of areas. As a student, he began to assist us with the development of a business case as part of a summer work program. Due to his excellent performance, I asked him to continue working for us on a 20-hour-week basis and gradually expanded his area of responsibilities. His main tasks included providing administrative support to myself and my management team, producing information materials and presentations and modeling and developing business processes. He also supported me by planning, coordinating and supervising project tasks, especially during our roll-out and implementation of the new [name] product lines.

Markus was always highly motivated and mastered all tasks quickly and skillfully. He displayed excellent analytical and organizational skills and continuously showed a positive attitude towards his work and others. Even when workloads were high, Markus maintained a good overview and assisted me and my team in an exemplary fashion. On the basis of his comprehensive and state-of-the-art knowledge in the fields of business administration and marketing, he was able to analyze even difficult questions accurately and to develop optimal solutions for the cases at hand. During consultations and briefings, and while producing information materials, Markus presented even highly complex technical matter coherently, convincingly and in a well-structured way. His excellent command of English and French served him exceptionally well in our international company.

Markus is able to work well autonomously and manages to carry out all his work to a high standard through careful planning and a systematic and goal-oriented approach. Despite the various demands made upon him by myself, my team and the requirements of his university studies, he consistently delivered superb results. With his reliable, cooperative and helpful manner, he was an enormous support to me and my team. He contributed in every respect to effective teamwork and was highly esteemed by myself, my whole team, our customers and business partners.

I would like to thank Markus Merten for everything his achievements and commitment have contributed to our company. I would like to rehire him after he has completed his studies if there is a vacancy. I highly recommend Markus Merten for any position for which he is qualified. Please contact me if you have further questions.



Dr. Fabian Schneider

General Manager

[name of company]

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