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Von Interessenten gefunden werden: So lautet die größte Herausforderung für Unternehmen. Bild: MEV Verlag GmbH, Germany

Interessenten müssen das Unternehmen finden. Und deswegen sollten diese in Social Media aktiv sein, Blogs betreiben und ähnliches mehr. Und sie müssen die Daten im Griff haben.

In an article Gartner wrote that we are living »the shift from finding customers to getting found«. Is search the most important way to the customer?
Genovese: Search is an important piece. But getting found also means you have to be active in a content driven environment. Content for marketers used to be about investing in a single creative ­piece, breaking that into fragments and blasting the world with your message. Today you need to do more. You will need more creative pieces that keep people engaged with your brand. You will need multiple mediums (blogs, LinkedIn groups, Pinterest) to keep them engaged. You will also need to make sure that you are gaining their loyalty, getting them engaged with your brand in various ways and encouraging them to be advocates for you.
Digital transformation is the buzzword of today. Who leads it in the company: the CIO or the CMO? And how can they collaborate?
To realize the business potential of digital you need to have a resource that is proficient in methods used to create attract, acquire and retain customers (and prospects). They also need to understand digital technology and the role it plays. You need a leader that has both of these capabilities and the ability/authority to command and drive ­decisions. The title is insignificant to the skill. Focusing on one without the other will lead to suboptimal results.

Which Big Data scenario has the biggest future potential?

Sometimes small data can be just as impactful as big data. You need to understand the questions you need to ask before you decide you have a big data issue or that big data is the answer. You also need to be proficient in analytics (it’s about the analysis not the data). All of these trump »Big Data« has a big future potential. The guidance we give marketers regarding data are: You need to understand your company goals and strategies. You need to understand how your target (prospects and cus­tomers) use digital mediums to make product and service buying decisions. You need to constantly analyze and optimize for these answers. You need to build the programs and disciplines that align to these goals.

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