SAP Cloud for Sales Redefines Sales Effectiveness

Enterprise sales organizations find themselves at the center of a digitally connected world. Sales professionals stand at the front line dealing with changes in relationship management due to more digitally sophisticated customers, and competitors who are racing to use social, mobile, and analytics advantageously in today’s business environment. The question comes down to whether your sales team will win more often by taking advantage of markets in flux and digital-infused strategic selling, or fall behind. Will your team learn to use social, mobile, and analytics to improve your sales effectiveness, mainly by better understanding customers, but also by helping you make better sales decisions and operate more efficiently relative to your competition?

While awareness of digitally driven markets and customers, and recognition of the need to make appropriate investments to take advantage of the situation, count as prerequisites for winning, another prerequisite is to use the right sales tools. Over a decade ago, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions entered the market, and many sales teams jumped on the SaaS sales solution bandwagon. Unfortunately, some of those solutions were designed before social, mobile, and analytics became commonplace. Those older solutions have since been bypassed by newer solutions that natively improve sales effectiveness by putting the power of social, mobile, and analytics into the hands of sales practitioners. What should sales teams look for in a SaaS sales solution right now? 

Read more in our whitepaper "A WINNING CLOUD SALES SOLUTION".

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