Sonderveröffentlichung zur Mipim 2017

Although the first half of 2016 got off to a slow start, the overall year in retrospect was another successful one for the German real estate industry. As opposed to the previous year, hardly any records were broken, but with EUR 66.2 billion investment turnover remained on a relatively high level (2015: EUR 76 billion).

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But MIPIM is not just about real estate investments, it also focuses on topics of the future. In addition to Big Data, the new Innovation Forum is growing and is returning to a more prominent spot in the MIPIM Pavilion on the harbor. And the MIPIM Awards: the awards ceremony is considered one of the highlights of the trade fair. From the 214 projects submitted this year, the jury has selected four finalists in each of the eleven categories. The mood in Cannes should therefore not be too clouded in spite of the global geopolitical instability.

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