Sonderveröffentlichung zur Mipim 2016

Not only on the Cote d’Azur will you usually find sunshine and roses, but on Germany’s real estate markets as well. Business has never been as good. At the end of the year, nearly all market segments were reporting record numbers of transactions.

In the investment market, sales of commercial properties shot up to €55.1 billion; according to JLL, they are above the previous peak level of €54,7 billion achieved in 2007 (pages 12-14). One sought-after asset class is, for example, Geman logistics properties. Returns of five percent are current being achieved here. Compared to other types of use, which are currently yielding lower returns due to strong demand, they are the ideal conditions for investments (pages 34-35).
Hardly any development has marked the German real estate market as much as immigration. This provides the real estate industry in particular with considerable opportunities. In the medium term, owners of vacant office buildings in Germany’s large cities stand to profit from the influx of refugees. And above all the real estate industry together with municipalities can make a contribution towards these challenges with the corresponding responsibility because, according to the German Association for Housing and Real Estate Companies, 800,000 housing units are needed across Germany (pages 20-22). And, although it is unclear how many of these people will remain permanently in Germany, one thing is clear: The German government and the real estate industry are facing daunting challenges.

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